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Case study & Presentation Exercise

Case study

An airline may wish to present you with information which forms a case study, probably on a relevant aviation-related topic. What you would need to do is analyse the information to be able to answer questions on it. You might need to evaluate potential risks and create solutions, summarise the important facts or propose a course of action. This is a less popular exercise but may still be used as part of the assessment day. As with each of the exercises, you will be given plenty of time and full instructions about what to do.


Bearing in mind how much of the role of cabin crew is about presenting information to an audience it might be likely that you will need to do a presentation at your interview/ assessment day.

If you need to present about a specific organisational topic you will most likely be told in advance so you can prepare.

You may be given set information to read out or convey in whichever way you think best e.g. conducting a safety demonstration, reading from a card or demonstrating the life jacket etc. You will be told what is expected of you so don’t worry about getting it wrong.

When asked to present information the people assessing you are looking for a few things:

  • How confident you are
  • How clearly you speak
  • How well you can follow instructions
  • How engaging you are (i.e. are you interesting or a bit dull when presenting info!)
  • How well you cope with pressure
  • How well you can make yourself understood

You will be expected to be nervous so don’t think this will hold you back, the assessors will take this into account. However, they are also looking to see how well you can pull yourself together and make a good show of being calm and in control, despite the circumstances!


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