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Will there be any other tests I will have to do?

Fewer organisations than ever rely on just an interview to make their selection decisions. These days employers want to take a really thorough look at the applicants for the job.

Not just an interview

So if that’s the interview, what other tests might you face? It’s generally more accurate to call your interview an Assessment Day or Assessment Centre because it’s actually likely to involve a range of different tests. Here are some examples of the sort of things you might have to tackle.

Spotlight on: Assessment Days

Complex assessment days are now much more common because there is so much competition. Airlines need to select the brightest and most committed applicants. Here are how two of the UKs biggest airlines recruit:

Virgin Alantic’s assessment day includes: British Airways uses some OR all of the following assessment tests:
Face-to-face, telephone and/or video interview
Group exercise
Presentation exercise
Case study exercise
Role play
Below we look into the specifics of each exercise-


Next Page: Role-plays

Employers are keen to see how you respond in real-life scenarios and role-plays are a great way to do this. What they do is simulate a situation you are likely to find yourself in…

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