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What are the Cabin Crew Interview questions?

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Think about what is important to the role of cabin crew to get an idea of what might be covered in your interview. You need to be an excellent communicator, place high value on great customer service, you need to be hard-working, proactive, have a good awareness of safety, be able to follow instructions and implement protocol, manage conflict and deal with difficult people and situations calmly….the list is pretty long! But by giving some thought to what is required in the role you can get a good idea of what sort of questions you might be able to expect.

Another good way of working out what you need to demonstrate is to pay close attention to any documents you are sent in advance of your interview such as the ‘job description’ or ‘person specification’.

You need to make sure your experience matches what the interviewers are looking for. The more practice and guidance you can get on this the better because the better the match, the higher your score. The higher your score, the more chance you have of being offered a job.

Many candidates provide strong answers which just aren’t a good fit. You need to learn how to tell the difference.

You must be prepared in advance for this type of interview as it is much more difficult to think on your feet and answer appropriately.

QuestionWhat skill is being assessed
Please describe an occasion where you have collaborated successfully with othersTeam work
Can you give an example of when you have overcome a difficult challenge?Problem-solving
Please describe a time where you have exceeded expectationsHigh standards/ Excellence
Please describe a situation when you have had to follow complex instructionsFollowing procedure
Tell us about a time where you have had to cope with a big change at workFlexibility
Do you have an example of a time where you have shown your honesty?Integrity
Please describe a situation when you have delivered excellent serviceCustomer service
Please give us an example of when you have coped well under pressureConfidence
Tell us about a time you have dealt with anger or hostilityConflict management

You will probably also get follow up questions to dig deeper into your example and find out how well you really did.

Follow up questions
What was the situation? How did you do this? What was the specific outcome? Why was this particularly positive? What were the improvements? What was the problem? What made it complex? What was your plan? Why did you choose that course of action? Did you run into any difficulties? How did you achieve the result?

Spotlight on: Cabin Crew Interview tips

  • Think about what cabin crew are like when you board a plane- friendly, smiley, chatty. This is how you need to come across!
  • Consider how well turned out cabin crew always are. Dress smartly, showing you know how to take care in your appearance. If you have long hair, tie it into the sort of style you can imagine cabin crew wearing.
  • Maintain eye contact with your interviewers- you are talking to them after all
  • If you don’t understand a question ask for it to be repeated- that’s fair better than getting to wrong end of the stick
  • Answer the question you have been asked, not what you want to say! A surprising number of candidates don’t answer the question
  • If you are asked for an example from your own experience make sure you describe one; don’t just give an opinion instead
  • Describe a specific, single example rather than talk generally i.e. ‘on one occasion I did xxx’ rather than ‘I always do xxx’.
  • If you can’t answer a question don’t be afraid to say so. You could even say, ‘I did read about x,y and z but it didn’t cover that unfortunately’
  • If there are more than one interviewer address your answers to all of them
  • Don’t be put off if they have their heads down making notes for much of the time, they are gathering evidence that they will score you on later
  • Take your time to give a good example if you are asked for one, don’t feel you need to rush in with the first thing that pops into your head
  • Have a few examples prepared before you go in but make sure they are relevant to the question you are asked
  • Don’t talk too quickly, it will be too difficult for them to take proper notes of what you are saying
  • If you are likely to twist your hands nervously, hold them!
  • Take a glass of water if offered- talking a lot can give you a dry mouth!
  • Be honest- integrity is an important quality in cabin crew so if you are caught out in a lie or exaggeration it won’t go down well.
  • If you don’t have experience of something then say so, but explain what you would hope to learn as part of the role.
  • Many of us are uncomfortable ‘bigging ourselves up’ and can prefer to downplay our achievements but this is not the time or the place. If you have done well at something you need to highlight this. It’s not about bragging, it’s about presenting an accurate picture of yourself. It’s important to do so as your word is what the interviewers will go on.

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