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The Application Form

Your application form will vary a bit depending on the airline, but there will also be plenty of similarities.

1) It will take ages to complete;
2) You’ll have to cover things which annoy you because you already wrote about them on your CV;
3) There will be an opportunity for you to show how close a match you are to what they are looking for (which you may or may not take!)

You may receive a paper form to complete, although more companies now use an on-line version. Either way, it’s important to prepare your answers ‘in rough’ before checking them and copying into the final format.

The more standard questions are there to send you to the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile. If you don’t meet the airlines’ criteria in terms of height, age, medical history, criminal checks etc then it’s an instant ‘no’- they won’t even read the rest of your form.

Spotlight on: Pre-qualifying questions

These are the questions which you must be able to answer correctly in order for your application to be progressed.

Here are some examples:

Are you 18 years old or over?
– Is your height between 5’2 and 6’3?
– Do you have any visible tattoos?
– Can you swim?
– Do you speak fluent English?
– Do you live close to XXX airport (or are willing to travel/ relocate at your own cost?)
– Are you physically fit?
– Do you suffer from claustrophobia?
– Do you have any unspent criminal convictions?
– Do you have a valid passport?

If your form is in any way untidy, unclear or incorrectly completed you will end up in the shredder; don’t give them an easy excuse to sift you out.

With your application details you will probably also get sent a Job Description and/ or Person Specification document. This is where the clues of what they are looking for lie. For example, if it lists essential criteria as ‘customer service experience’ and ‘ability to follow procedure’ you need to make sure you address these points somewhere in your application. Not just to say ‘I can follow procedure’ but to prove it with a concrete example of how you have been trusted to do so previously!


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