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Sophie - Case Study

Sophie – My Journey to Cabin Crew

Dreaming of travel and a different life
For me my journey all started whilst I was studying at University. I soon realised that what I was studying wasn’t for me and I found myself daily dreaming of all the countries I wanted to visit and explore. The job of Cabin Crew was always something I had considered but never thought that I could turn my dream into reality. I had no experience in the world of flying, all I had was customer service experience and I knew this wasn’t going to be enough to secure my dream job as cabin crew. I had to show them I had something special. That’s when I discovered ‘Go Cabin Crew’- a friend recommended the course and I haven’t looked back since!

Studying and getting prepared
I did the cabin crew course in October 2014 during my final stages at university and it really gave me the confidence and knowledge to make my dream career come true. I spent my final year of university both studying and building the skills I needed to succeed at interview. Not only did I take part in Go Cabin Crew but I also enrolled myself on a first aid course to really show my commitment to the airline. Go Cabin Crew were a massive help in helping me to succeed, not only during the course but after the course where Kim and the team continued to support me right through the process.

Application and interview
When it came to the application process I was even nervous to apply, this job was all I ever wanted and I was absolutely over the moon to be selected to attend the interview!

From this point onwards was where the hard work really began, I spent several weeks preparing for the interview, thinking of every possible question they might ask and ensuring that I could give them the answer that they needed. I was determined to succeed. This is where the Go Cabin Crew course really kicked in, the course ensured I knew the skills that I needed to demonstrate and what qualities the airline would look for.

Flying high
When I look back now I am so pleased that I put all that hard work and effort into my interview, as I am now 6 months into flying and I’ve never been happier! Training to become cabin crew is one of the hardest things I have ever done, it’s challenging, but luckily Go Cabin Crew ensured that I knew what to expect and the skills I needed to get through those tough 6 weeks. I still remember how I felt on that day I arrived at the airport to take my first flight, nervous was an understatement but I also felt so proud that all my hard work was about to pay off. A little domestic flight was all it took for me to know that flying was going to be my career and little did I know at the time that I was about to experience the best 6 months of flying I could imagine.

Since that day I have flown to some beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, America and Asia and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I will never forget where I started, and how with the help of Go Cabin Crew I worked hard to achieve my dream job. Thank you!

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