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easyJet - a day in the life of a cabin crew member

Day in the Life – Successful Student Story

Hi, my name is Jenny, I’m 24 years old. Before starting my new career as cabin crew I was a dental nursing assistant and sometimes worked in reception at the surgery.

Attending the GOCC course

If it wasn’t for deciding to go on the Go Cabin Crew Course I really don’t think I would have got my dream job with easyJet. It prepared me for all those awkward questions and especially the role play scenario, which I was so nervous about. With the support of Hannah by email I was guided step by step to making my CV so much better (I cringe when I think what it was like before!) and that got my first foot in the door. Actually on the course I found Kim’s inside knowledge on the role of cabin crew really helpful, it got me in the right mind-set and did give me an advantage at my assessment day. I think I came across as having a very realistic view of the role which didn’t seem to be the case for everyone there.

Getting the job

I only had to wait 5 days before I was contacted by email to say I was successful with easyJet. However, I then had to pass a CRB check and provide the correct legal documentations and VISA checks. I was so nervous but excited, waiting for everything to fall into place. Eventually I learnt I would be starting my training September 2015!

The easyJet training

something that stands out is the incredible people I met through my training, which I hadn’t really expected. The course is pretty intense and by sharing that with other people they end up feeling like family by the end. We shared laughter and pain as the course was so full-on (no partying for me)! I really enjoyed the customer service training as I felt I could take this valuable experience with me for life, even if flying turned out not to be for me (however unlikely!). We had to learn so much on different aircraft types and safety procedures, my head was buzzing when I finally received my wings and was ready to board.

Getting in the air

It has taken me a while to get used to all the procedures and rules that crew must follow. I have to wear my uniform to complete standard without any deviance and my shoes have to be a certain height, tights a certain colour and my lip stick always applied. its second nature once you get used to it but it seems a lot to remember to start off with. My first flight was to Portugal and we had a full flight of holiday makers with lots of challenges throughout the day. Some families were not sitting together, one lady fainted as she was so scared of flying and I had to sit with her until she was OK and on top of all this we had a 45 minute delay. I was exhausted when we finally arrived back to London Gatwick at 0100. I felt proud of myself because not only had I applied my training without making any big mistakes but I also think I had applied common sense and good people skills and that the passengers had had a better journey because of the effort I had put in.

I know this is the career for me and love that I can enjoy going into work, never knowing what adventures the day might bring.

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