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Making yourself stand out

There are hundreds of very suitable applicants for every air crew job, so what can you do to make yourself special?

There are a few opportunities available to you before applying to an airline. Here are some recommendations.

  • Do a basic First Aid course to show you are serious about having the skills you need to do the job. Completing a recognised First Aid training course like St John’s Ambulance or The British Red Cross is very beneficial. It demonstrates you have a clear understanding in first aid administration and are up to date with current procedures such as CPR and treating minor injuries. For more info click here.
  • Brush up on your foreign language skills. This will show you recognise how important it is to be able to communicate with as many passengers as you can in their own tongue.
  • Consider doing a St John’s Health & Safety course. This is very relevant to the job description for cabin crew and covers the essentials for managing health and safety in the workplace. For more info click here.
  • If you really want to impress, there is always the Fire Safety awareness course: Remember as a crew member fire fighting experience plays an essential part of your training course and if you have this course under your belt it will certainly put you ahead of the competition. The course will present an insight into fire regulations and general fire precautions, providing you with the knowledge to become a fire marshal. For more info click here.
  • Attend a Cabin Crew Training Course. These training days are invaluable for providing behind the scenes insights into the aviation industry, showing you what it is really like to be cabin crew, and preparing you to do well at interview. Of particular advantage are the ones which include a second day where you get to have a go at some of the essential procedures and demands placed on cabin crew in a professional environment.
  • Or if your are unable to attend one of our courses then do have a look in our Cabin Crew Store for our Cabin Crew Assessment Workbooks and review services.


You’ve been selected- what happens next?

Once you have got through the recruitment process and been selected to become part of the airline’s cabin crew you will need to complete your initial training. This will cover subjects such as first aid, safety and survival, in-flight service, sales and customer care.

Don’t assume you will pass the training, some candidates do fall at this hurdle. This is why it’s a good idea to take part in a Cabin Crew Training Day where you get to have a go at some of the necessary skills in advance. That way, when you come to the real thing you will not only know what to expect, you will also be prepared to do it correctly.


As a Cabin Crew trainer, I had to fail 19 students in 6 months. This was for anything from being late to class to failing a particular test. They get a few chances and would only lose a point or two for each fail, but these add up and sadly this does cost some of them the chance to continue.


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