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Virgin Little Red

Virgin Little Red Cabin Crew Jobs – Now Closed


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Location: London Heathrow

This position is now closed.

Location: Edinburgh Airport

This position is now closed.

Location: Aberdeen Airport

This position is now closed.


  1. All sounds really interesting ,but it seems all have the height restriction of 5″2 so looks like it’s out of the question ,is there any other job positions ?? .thanks Mandy .

    • Customer Support

      This is the only one for Virgin Atlantic Little Red at the moment, do check our home page though for other airlines that are recruiting now.

  2. sarahjane mackie

    im soo desperate to apply for Virgin Atlantic Red, when i click to upload my cv, it will only load pictures, my cv is saved in google drrive? do you have any advice? desperately awaiting an answer! 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

    • Customer Support

      Hi Sarah, I am afraid I can’t really help as you have to apply through Aviation Job Search not our own site. It might be worth dropping them an email to see if they can help or even contacting McGinley Aviation who are advertising the position for Virgin.

  3. Hi I’ve applied for Virgin and BA the last week or so. And even emailed virgin little red to see if they recieved my cv but no reply ! How long normally will it be until they reply!? As I wanted to do the course commencing 22nd September!? Any advise

    • Hi Rachel, it really does depend on the airline but overall I would say it usually takes around 2-4 weeks after the closing date. I would definitely book your place on one of our September courses though as places are going quick due to the current high level of recruitment. Thanks, Chris

  4. hello can anyone please help i have passed my Assessment with Mcginley and have been invited to an interview any tips on questions please anyone im so excietd

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