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What is the minimum height for Cabin Crew?

Did you know that one of our most frequently asked Cabin Crew questions is related to the minimum height requirements?

We completely understand this as it must be very frustrating when you are only a couple of inches from meeting the ‘pass mark’; what’s in a couple of inches hey?!
So why is there a minimum height restriction?

As cabin crew on board an aircraft your prime responsibility is for the safety of your passengers and fellow crew members. This requires you to be able to reach emergency equipment which is stowed in possibly difficult to reach locations e.g. at the back of an over head locker or in a cupboard above head height. Also as crew you need to demonstrate that you can open a large and heavy aircraft door in a normal operating and closing action as well as in an emergency situation. During a flight you are constantly expected to open and close over head lockers to secure the aircraft pre-take off, during the flight and before landing, this is a common every day duty as cabin crew and if you cannot reach the lockers unfortunately you will not meet the correct criteria to be cabin crew.
Below is a table listing every UK based airline and what their minimum requirement is-

Airline Website Height Further Information
AirTanker www.airtanker.co.uk 5'2"
BA CityFlyer www.bacityflyerjobs.com 5'2"
BMI Regional www.bmiregional.com 5'2"
British Airways www.britishairways.com 5'2"
British Airways Limited www.britishairways.com 5'2"
Cello Aviation www.flycello.com No restriction You just have to be able to reach and handle the emergency equipment and operate all emergency exits.
Eastern Airways www.easternairways.com 4'8" Confirmed by their application form.
EasyJet careers.easyjet.com 5'2"
Flybe www.flybe.com 5'2"
Jet2 www.jet2careers.com 5'2"
Loganair www.loganair.co.uk 5'2"
Monarch Airlines www.monarch.co.uk 5'2"
Ryanair corporate.ryanair.com 5'2"
Thomas Cook Airlines careers.thomascook.com 5'2"
Thomson Airways www.tuitraveljobs.co.uk 5'2"
Titan Airways www.titan-airways.com No restriction Confirmed by email
Twinjet Aircraft www.twinjet.co.uk Unknown We are trying to find out.
Virgin Atlantic Airways careersuk.virgin-atlantic.com 5'2"
Virgin Atlanitc Little Red careersuk.virgin-atlantic.com 5'2"
All details correct as of September 2014

About Kim Osborn

Kim is an ex British Airways cabin crew member employed for 28 years as an on board manager. She left BA at the beginning of 2013 having experienced a lifestyle of both long and short haul flying. She has developed and coached numerous cabin crew, whilst on board the aircraft, throughout her flying career


  1. Hi, it would be great if you could do the same table for the maximum height! I’m 6’4″ and wonder if I can ever get a job as a cabin crew because of that…!!

    • Hi Pierre, we are working on a Cabin Crew maximum height article at the moment so once we have heard back from most of the airlines we will post it to the site. I am sure there must be an airline out there you can apply to! Thanks, Chris

  2. Would I have any sort of chance of becoming cabin crew at 5’1/155cm?

    • There are 3 airlines above that you could apply to Amy. Some airlines are starting to introduce a reach test so providing you are able to reach to the required height you would be OK, keep your eyes on our site as we will let you know when this test is introduced. Thanks, Chris

  3. Does this height refer to “with heels’ because if you are 5.1 feet ,if you wear heels you will be much taller.

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