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Uniform Standards Please!

Each and every airline has a certain set of standard for their staff to adhere too whilst in uniform. The image of the airline is paramount to it’s reputation….scruffy crew equals scruffy standards.

Here is a guideline for British Airways cabin crew when it comes to uniform standards – if you feel you would struggle with these then maybe you need to think twice about your career!

  • Hair no longer than collar length, clean and clipped back (food handlers)!
  • Worn up hairstyles must be neat and tidy with no wispy bits.
  • 1 stud ear ring in silver.
  • No chipped nail varnish and must be either red or very natural pale shades, no blacks, blues etc.
  • Lipstick to match your uniform colours.
  • No external badges on clothing or bags (only name badges or luggage labels).
  • Tights only in black (free from snags) always carry spares.
  • Shoes polished and plain black for male & female, no buckles etc. Ladies shoes no higher than a couple of inches for the heel.
  • Uniform bags and suitcases plain black or navy blue and no stickers (wheelie bags to fit in the overhead locker).
  • Jackets to be worn fastened at all times.
  • Gillets (in flight overalls) to be worn at all times during the service on board.
  • Hats to be worn when walking through the airport and in the public eye.
  • Uniform jackets to be worn at the same time (as a crew) i.e. all on or all off, if it is hot weather outside.
  • Ties and cravats to be worn at all times.
  • Shirts clean and well ironed, crisp white.
  • Sleeves never to be rolled up.
  • Skirts to sit on the knee no higher.
  • Trousers not to be altered e.g. narrowed.
  • Name badges to be worn at all times with your wings on your jacket lapel.
  • No chewing gum EVER.
  • No eating in front of public unless a bad delay or discreetly on board.
  • Do not use mobile phones whilst walking through the terminal or on board the aircraft.
  • No ruck sacks or shopping bags.
  • Never use bad language or critic the airline.

About Kim Osborn

Kim is an ex British Airways cabin crew member employed for 28 years as an on board manager. She left BA at the beginning of 2013 having experienced a lifestyle of both long and short haul flying. She has developed and coached numerous cabin crew, whilst on board the aircraft, throughout her flying career


  1. hi is it ok to ware a smart trouser suit for my british airways interview

  2. Hi could you please tell me if its ok for men to have beards/facial hair along as its tidy and well groomed? Thank you! I have an assessment day coming up and i didn’t want to lose points for wrong uniform standards!

    • Customer Support

      For the AD we suggest clean shaven however sometimes that is not possible. You will find that airlines views on beards do vary however we do know BA are OK for short beards. Chris

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