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The future is bright for cabin crew recruitment

The airlines are constantly being bombarded with applications for cabin crew positions and Emirates alone it’s been reported receive over 15,000 cabin crew job applications per month.

Some airlines are putting recruitment on hold with the uncertainty of manpower requirements which puts existing cabin crew jobs at a premium. But don’t despair as many of the low cost carriers like Easy Jet and Ryanair in the UK are still regularly looking to recruit, albeit sometimes on a temporary seasonal basis. But once you are accepted and you’ve proved your weight in gold there is always the chance you will be invited to join their full time employment.

In the USA the merger of US Airways and American Airlines, now boasts to be the largest airline in the world. This potentially means an increase in their recruitment drive, probably later in the year.

The airlines to watch are those that are rapidly expanding their fleets to cover increase demand on new destinations. These include: Air Arabia, Germania, Vueling and Air Asia.

Aviation industry has never been so successful with the ever growing boom of technology, the demand in travel and uniting our world as one.

Remember keep positive and use this time wisely to gather as much information as possible in preparation for that cabin crew interview!

About Kim Osborn

Kim is an ex British Airways cabin crew member employed for 28 years as an on board manager. She left BA at the beginning of 2013 having experienced a lifestyle of both long and short haul flying. She has developed and coached numerous cabin crew, whilst on board the aircraft, throughout her flying career

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