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Real proof that YOU can change your career and life THIS year

We have gathered a selection of good career news from 2016 to share with you. These are our top picks, but we have hundreds more positive emails to choose from. See what you think.



“Just wanted to let you know that I got my wings with BA yesterday! I was on the February course and have finally made it to the end. Definitely think it would have been a thousand times harder if I hadn’t attended the course. “

Pauline, Mother of Attendee

“My daughter got her wings in June and has had her first 3 flights. Tomorrow she flies to Orlando and stays for a few days which should be lovely. So far all her flights have been Spain and have just been a shuttle back and forth but it’s all experience. Her Senior CC each time has told her she will go far so fingers crossed!

Thank you for all your help and encouragement over the last few months.”



“I’m sorry this is such a late response, I’ve literally been around the world and back and have just now had 5 minutes to sit down and write.

Happy Christmas to you, hope you’re well!

(attached a photo of me and a friend about to fly home from Tampa)”


“I got my wings on Monday. First trip I flew Heathrow to Hamburg on the Wednesday and straight to Houston on the Thursday so a little tired now but three days off so it all balances out!

We’ve just got our Christmas rota so I’ll be spending it in Africa with one of my friends from training!”


“You will be pleased to know that I have been offered a provisional offer from BA….I was over the moon to receive it!

Thank you so much for all the advice you gave me and let me repeat how helpful the online course was. I think I must have been one of the first people to use it so it shows you how good it is.”



“I’ve done it! I’ve got my wings! I’m officially Virgin Atlantic cabin crew! What an unbelievable experience. Hardest but most rewarding 6 weeks of my life, I’m off to LA tomorrow!!”


“At my recent AD there was 500 applicants, cut down to 50, then dramatically cut to 10 and I was one of the lucky ones to reach final interviews then offered a job as CC. It might be a little demoralising to be knocked back at the final step, but it’s such a competitive industry, you just have to keep trying and trying.

I have achieved so much and it’s all down to your course.

I’ve been able to achieve my dream career and fly all over the world. I’m forever grateful for your course as I’ve been a successful candidate for several different airlines i.e. Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook, Air Tanker, Eastern Airways. If it wasn’t for your amazing course and your 28 years’ experience and knowledge I would never have found the courage to apply and achieve my dream career.”


“I took part in the January course. I finally got my start date last week with British Airways for October and I can’t wait!! I wanted to send an e-mail to say a massive thank you as I know for a fact without the course and all the extra help I wouldn’t have got as far as I have!

I took advantage of everything – CV reviews, assessment day prep book, and of course the fab 2 day course at Cranebank! I had never applied before for any cabin crew position as after looking online I saw how many applied on average and I wanted to go to the course to give myself the best chance possible! Even when I turned up to my assessment day a few of the candidates warned me “Oh don’t feel bad if you don’t get this it takes a few goes” I was so prepared though, I felt like I knew exactly what to wear from getting tips from Kim, I was confident in the exercises; even in the online application I was aware of common mistakes to avoid and although still nervous the day wasn’t as daunting as it would have been had I not known what to expect, and honestly after all the prep I just tried to enjoy the day as much as possible!

I really can’t recommend the course enough! You learn so much and it was a great conversation point in my interview (which was one of the toughest parts but thanks to learning what to prepare I had so many situation examples ready!) I think what’s great about Go Cabin crew is even after the course they still offer support! I really can’t thank you guys enough, I am so excited to get started and I’ll keep you updated on my travels!”



“So far I love being Cabin Crew for Easyjet as it is my dream job and I love meeting new people every day. I strongly recommend “Go Cabin Crew online course” for anyone who want to be Flight Attendant it is worth it. I had so much helped regarding the role of cabin crew and what to expect during an Assessment day. Thank you very much for your time, emails and answering all my questions. I would like to say a huge thank you again to helped me get my dream job.”


“I was on the first course at East Midlands. I’ve just completed training with Thomson Airways for Manchester Airport and have been awarded my wings!!!

I can’t think you enough for how much the Go Cabin Crew course has helped me land this amazing job and prepare me for the course and the expectations of the airline. I know this is the start of an amazing journey for me!!

I’ve had loads of girls on social media asking me about cabin crew how I got into it and I keep directing them to the Go Cabin Crew website and Facebook page.”


“I just passed my probation, been with BA six months now, crazy! The things I have experienced already is amazing.

Chicago is my favourite route so far best place for shopping and a lovely flight time. I’ve had amazing experiences like going to the top of table mountain, feeding giraffes and baby elephants in Nairobi. and seeing the Buddha in Tokyo. And of course serving Usher, Gerard Butler and David Guetta who put us on his guest list for his concert in Vegas that night!!

So not a bad year really..haha”


“I thought I’ll let you know that yesterday I got my wings with BA CityFlyer. I’m proud I passed. Whatever I learned in class I went with it and I made it. Honestly, I had tears in my eyes as I got handed my wings and certificate.

All the trainers were really lovely, helpful and very supportive. We are like a big family now. To Fly. To Serve. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

We do a pretty few nice routes to be honest, we do: Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Madrid, Malaga, Palma, Ibiza, Menorca, Nice, Chambery, Florence, Venice, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. And from June until September we’ll be flying to Mykonos and Santorini, so I’m looking forward to that route. We also do some charters as well.

It’s all so fantastic, and until this day I can’t believe I’m flying, that I finally made it. It feels like a dream still; I know one day it will hit me and I’ll realise that I’m actually doing this

Thank you and the GoCabinCrew team for your help and support.”



“I just wanted to update you, I was accepted onto a course for Thomson and got my Wings on Friday!

When I was given my wings, it felt like something I’ve never felt before, it was the best feeling I’ve EVER had, that sense of achievement, I was finally there, my dream job and I’ve done it, I have my wings! It still hasn’t sunk in properly, I still keep checking my jacket just to look at my wings to see that its real and I’m not dreaming.

I’d like to thank you and the Go Cabin Crew team, as although when I attended the course I had already attended and passed the assessment day, the help and information I got on the course gave me an insight to the Cabin Crew World to know that this career choice was the right one, and secondly, it gave me the confidence and determination to be able to pass the training and get my wings! Thank you! To the sky’s I go!”

Fantastic, aren’t they?!

About Hannah Vallance

Hannah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in recruitment, selection and assessment. This means she designs and assesses at selection days just like the ones airlines use, which is pretty handy experience for Go Cabin Crew!

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