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BA Cabin Crew recruitment- the Assessment Day uncovered!

You’ve got past the application form and have been invited to an assessment day (AD) with British Airways. What on earth can you expect?!


  • ‘Tell me about a time’ interview questions
    You will have a ‘behavioural style interview’. This means that you will be asked to describe an occasion from your own experience which you think answers the question. So for instance, you might be asked something like “tell us about a time when you have delivered exceptional customer service?” You need to respond with a situation you were personally involved with, and explain what you did, how you did it, why you did it and what the result was. Coming up with these sort of examples is not best done whilst thinking on your feet! Spend some time before your interview thinking about several different situations from the last couple of years where you think you’ve done really well. It will make it easier to answer if you already have a few incidents at your fingertips. The questions will often centre around team work, communication, problem solving, conscientiousness, high standards….basically anything you think that an airline is really going to want to see in their new recruits.

  • ‘What do you know about BA’ interview questions
    You also need to do your homework because BA is going to want to know what you know about the company. This is standard interviewing practice. Have a read around their website and look at any latest news items related to BA, or the aviation industry in general. Make sure you know key facts, like who the airlines partners with, where they fly from, what aircraft they have, where they fly to.. anything you think will show that you have been interested enough to research the company properly.


  • The multiple choice test
    At some point during the day you could be given a multiple choice test. This will describe various scenarios and give you a number of possible options. You then need to choose which you think is the correct answer. BA wants to know how you are likely to act, so this test gives you hypothetical situations to explore the choices you are likely to make. A lot of this is common sense, but before putting your cross in the answer box stop and think- is this answer the one that prioritises safety? Is it the one that puts the customer first? Is it the one which shows dedication and commitment? Again, think about what BA is looking for in top notch cabin crew and make sure your answers are in line with that.

  • Group exercise
    You’ll need to show that not only are you a great candidate but also that you can work well with others. Many a team has been derailed by folk who don’t play nicely with others so BA will be looking out for any warning signs that you aren’t a good team player. So when you are given instructions for a group exercise, don’t be fooled into thinking this is about the task you’ve been given. It actually doesn’t matter what the specifics of this task are, so don’t get too hung up on it. You will be given a task or a problem to solve and told to get on with it as a team. You’ll have a time limit and will probably need to use your ingenuity to come up with ideas. You might even find yourself having fun. It probably won’t matter too much if you solve the problem or not. What you need to show is that you can cooperate with others, that you are sensitive to their perspective and that you don’t trample over anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Make sure you include everyone in the discussion and listen to what others have to say. Volunteer your ideas, but don’t get stroppy if anyone disagrees with you. Show BA that whatever the task set, you interact with others in an approachable, considerate and open way. You’re a nice person, how hard can it be?


  • Role-play
    A bit like the multiple choice test, the role-play uses hypothetical situations to see what you might do. It may not even be airline based- after all, great customer service looks pretty similar whatever industry you are in. You may have to deal with a customer, and let’s face it, there’s no challenge with happy ones is there? So expect to be confronted with a problem, and expect to have to handle it with care, sensitivity and a helpful manner. You aren’t expected to know exactly what to do, but BA will be looking to see if you have a fairly good idea how not to annoy, aggravate or disappoint someone looking to you for help.

By the end of the assessment day BA will have a good idea whether or not you are up to the job. But don’t forget, this isn’t a one way process. The assessment day is about you weighing up whether the company is right for you as much as whether you are right for them.


Want the best chance of passing your BA Assessment?

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About Hannah Vallance

Hannah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in recruitment, selection and assessment. This means she designs and assesses at selection days just like the ones airlines use, which is pretty handy experience for Go Cabin Crew!


  1. very interesting and well written, great information on starting a career with BA.

    Best regards
    Vashti Singh

  2. Honestly, the most accurate and exact ideas put together in this article! INCREDIBLE. I have read thousands of pages about recruitment and you guys said it all in few words.
    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO FOR AN ASSESMENT. Took and advice and I succeded.
    Thanks. Excellent!

  3. Daniel

    Really glad our advice helped you with your assessment day. Thanks for the feedback and congratulations on being successful. Which airline did you get in with?

  4. This is really helpful ahead of my AD on Friday down at Waterside. The mixture of nervousness and excitement combines for such a confusing feeling! I will take all this advice on board and hopefully in their eyes I am suitable for the role!
    Wish me luck 🙂
    Future BA Cabin Crew Hopeful.

  5. Hello

    Really random but does anyone know how many days on and off you get with BA? I have an assessment next week which I’m really nervous aboht but I haven’t seen how many days on and off you get anywhere!

    Thanks in advance

    • There is no set pattern to days off whilst flying as it all depends on how many days away you’ve done and how far the destination. e.g. if you do a 3 day New York you get 2 days off after but if you go to Singapore, as its a longer flight, you get 3 days off. Hence why it is difficult to state exactly how much time off you will have as every roster is different. Kim

  6. The multiple choice test is no longer done to my knowledge, my assessment day in August and 3 people I know since who have had AD’s dos not do it.

  7. Hi my 18 year old daughter recently attended your 2 day course at Heathrow and passed her interview with BA first time of applying we are so pleased I am sure the course helped well worth the money ?

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