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After so many years flying as a crew member (airlines will vary according to manpower requirements) there will usually be an option to either apply for promotion as an on board manager or there could be an invite from the airline depending on your performance. Areas considered will be your attendance record, passenger comments, inflight reports. Throughout your flying career you will be monitored and assessed over so many flights per year. This will then provide your line manager a clear picture of your performance rating. As the manager is usually someone who works in an office this task is usually out sourced to the cabin crew manager flying with you on the day. In some companies your line manager will get the option to fly with you, however, due to the logistics in the geo-graphics, this is not always possible.

Some of the typical areas you will be assessed on whilst you are at work are:

  • Punctuality
  • Knowledge of safety & survival procedures
  • Knowledge of security standards
  • Documentation standards are correct and up to date
  • Technical and hygiene standard are met
  • Cabin service standards are delivered
  • Customer service performance
  • Uniform standards
  • Team work
  • Treat everyone as an individual, understanding different cultures
  • Going that extra mile

Short Haul Flights

There is usually only one person in charge working with a small team.

Long Haul Flights

As the number of passengers are a lot higher there will usually be extra in charge crew members who report to one overall on board manager. Assigned to each manager will be a team of crew working alongside them in a certain part of the aircraft e.g. back of the aeroplane, middle, front and so on.

Over so many years flying many crew members, especially from long haul, may prefer to work on the ground to have more of a regular work pattern. Many airlines offer an option to work on the ground for a set amount of time and then return to flying. Or another option would be to transfer to cabin crew training or recruitment selection i.e. interview new candidates.


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