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Cabin Crew Selection Articles

Every week we post a new article with in-depth information, top tips and advice on how you can pass the Cabin Crew Selection process.

Why is team-working so hard?

Many of us read that title and think; ‘What?’ Team-working is easy! If you have the right mix of personal skills and positive qualities, this is probably true for you. But it may not make it any easier to demonstrate ...

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Essential customer service jobs for Cabin Crew

A BIG part of the cabin crew role is customer service. We’ve all been a customer on a flight, right? How have your experiences differed depending on where you flew to, with which airline and who was working as crew ...

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Our most interesting and unusual Cabin Crew questions

How can parents help their adult children achieve a Cabin Crew career? It might surprise you how often we get asked this. For many parents, helping their child to be settled, happy and employed is a top priority. Just because ...

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Cabin Crew work experience- how to make this year’s count for you

Here at Go Cabin Crew we review a lot of CVs. Although some of you have unusual work experience to draw on, the majority have been doing quite similar types of jobs. So the questions you need to consider are; ...

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Real proof that YOU can change your career and life THIS year

We have gathered a selection of good career news from 2016 to share with you. These are our top picks, but we have hundreds more positive emails to choose from. See what you think.   Fantastic, aren’t they?!

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Our top 10 frequently asked Cabin Crew questions

It’s only natural than many of you would have similar questions and concerns in your quest to become cabin crew. We asked the lovely Charlie on our help desk what your most Frequently Asked Questions are and she gave us ...

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What your Cabin Crew CV gives away about you- that you might not want it to!

Your CV is the first time a recruiter will ‘meet’ you. But do you know what? Most people completely waste this opportunity. You have just a few seconds to make a positive impression before the recruiter mentally labels you. Very ...

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How to win (or lose) in a Cabin Crew Selection Day Group Task

Airlines differ in what tests they will use to assess how hireable you are at a selection day. Many do use some sort of group task because recruiters feel this tells them a great deal about candidates’: The group exercise ...

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What subjects should I study to be Cabin Crew?

We often receive emails from students asking what subjects they would be best off choosing for their GCSEs or A levels. Its daunting having to make decisions which you feel could impact on the rest of your life, and stressful ...

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How to achieve a classic Cabin Crew look in 13 easy steps

Cabin Crew Makeup

As the Go Cabin Crew Hair and Makeup artist I have put together a few tips on an ideal classic look for cabin crew. This look is ideal for most airline cabin crew and will create a professional and elegant ...

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