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Diving with Sharks

One of my favourite destinations on long haul has got to be the Bahamas…as I have a passion for scuba diving, it is the perfect job to indulge my passion – diving with sharks! Nassau hosts the most incredible dive school with a fleet of 8 luxury boats which take you out on all types of scuba diving adventures all year round with the guarantee of warm, crystal clear waters.

There is one boat trip that goes out every day called The Shark Dive. When I first signed up to this adventure I was with my boyfriend and we were very excited coupled with some trepidation about our encounters with one of the most feared creatures known to man kind, the SHARK. When we arrived at the dive school we were asked to fill out a claim form, which basically stated, if you get bitten, attacked or eaten by a shark, Stuart Coves the dive operator was not liable! Crazily, some may say, we decided to live dangerously and go for the 2 tank dive. When we arrived at the dive location, we could n’t help noticing the back deck of the boat was smeared with blood which was oozing out of an enclosed crate of dead tuna. The instructor donned his chainmail armour (which was very worrying as we were not offered any)! He then proceeded to tease the water with a few scatterings of bait. Within seconds there must of been at least 30 sharks circling the surface, like piranhas.

We were then given a dive brief and instructed to jump off the back deck straight on top of the sharks….I think out of the whole diving experience this was the hardest part of the dive. The instructor commented “if a shark swims at you and you are scared, just look away and he will swim past you”. With this vote of confidence we jumped in and starting sinking to the bottom, surrounded by 3 meters worth of teeth, sure enough a shark did swim straight towards me (or at me) and as advised I looked away and over my shoulder there was another one coming right at me!!! so much for looking away.

However, we did survive to tell the tale and it is an experience I have encountered on many occasions since and loved every one of them! I have total respect for these misunderstood creatures of the deep.

Just another tough day at the office..

About Kim Osborn

Kim is an ex British Airways cabin crew member employed for 28 years as an on board manager. She left BA at the beginning of 2013 having experienced a lifestyle of both long and short haul flying. She has developed and coached numerous cabin crew, whilst on board the aircraft, throughout her flying career

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