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Playtex Ladder Resist Tights

tights - ladder-resist - a review

It’s always driven me insane how much money I had to spend on tights, knowing that I would probably only get one wear out of them. Even worse is when they ladder at the beginning of a flight. You can’t ...

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Playtex Beauty Support Tights

tights - beauty-support - a review

I’ve always been aware of how important it is to take care of your legs; I was horrified when I found out that women who stand a lot in their work are prone to varicose veins so it’s always been ...

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Playtex 24hr Soft Hold Up Tights

tights - hold-ups - a review

I much prefer hold-ups and these are beautiful stockings! They offer a unique feeling of freedom, like a silky second skin, and thanks to a garter that is as stylish as it is comfortable they will stay exactly where they ...

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Emirates Aviation Experience, North Greenwich, London

aviation experience

We visited one of London’s newest attractions which exhibits a selection of interactive aviation displays and life size aircraft models. The Emirates Aviation Experience (the only one in the world) uses very impressive state-of-the art technology to take you behind ...

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