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Cabin Crew Beauty Q&A

Answer: This is a tricky one. For some airlines it might depend on the colour and how bright/ obvious it is. If it looks natural, even being two toned might be ok, particularly if you are wearing your hair up ...

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Cabin Crew First Aid

A very important role as cabin crew is administering first aid. The airlines will provide extensive first aid training, including CPR, but we thought we would give you an insight into CPR so you are better prepared for your training ...

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Can you have a Cabin Crew career AND have a family?

Finding a balance between work and family can be hard for any parents juggling children and a career, but for cabin crew there are even more complications. Here are some of the key things to consider: Travel You won’t just ...

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Amazing Cabin Crew lifestyles

Can you picture yourself doing any of this?! Get inspired with some real life cabin crew stories- Amy, Emirates   Charlie, British Airways Julie, British Airways ‘I attended a Go Cabin Crew course about two years ago and I’m now ...

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Fun, fears and friendship- the importance of relationships in the airline world

Kim - a snapshot of her travels

We caught up with our go-to gal Kim to get the lowdown on friendships throughout her career, and what these mean to cabin crew-   Did you make good friends during your cabin crew career? I made some lifetime friends ...

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Sophie – My Journey to Cabin Crew

Sophie - Case Study

Dreaming of travel and a different life For me my journey all started whilst I was studying at University. I soon realised that what I was studying wasn’t for me and I found myself daily dreaming of all the countries ...

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Day in the Life – Successful Student Story

easyJet - a day in the life of a cabin crew member

Hi, my name is Jenny, I’m 24 years old. Before starting my new career as cabin crew I was a dental nursing assistant and sometimes worked in reception at the surgery. Attending the GOCC course If it wasn’t for deciding ...

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Into the archives: Exploring the weird and wonderful history of Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew - old picture

Ever wondered about how the cabin crew job came about? There were traditionally similar positions on passenger ships and trains, so it made sense that the job extended to the air as flying became an increasingly popular travel option. In ...

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Top Smart Phone Apps for Cabin Crew

cabin crew apps

Not only will some of these improve your Cabin Crew skills when you have a few spare moments but they will keep you connected to colleagues and family whilst you are away.               If ...

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What is Cabin Service?

cabin service

Depending on which airline you work for you could be working in First Class, Business or Economy or the aircraft may be configured all one class e.g. if you work for a charter/ leisure company like Ryanair it will probably ...

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