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Celebrity Stories at 40,000ft

If you are Cabin Crew and have a celebrity story then drop us an email here, we’d love to feature you here.

Scrabble with Robbie Williams!

Robbie Williams

I was helping my First Class passengers to their seats on a flight bound to LA when a man, wearing jeans with holes in them, a scruffy T-shirt, big sunglasses, a base ball hat and music throbbing from his headphones, ...

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You are not invited to the flight deck Mr Stewart!

Rod Stewart

On a flight bound for New York I was excited to hear one of my First class passengers was the all star rock legend Rod Stewart. Once he had boarded the aircraft and sitting comfortably I noticed that Concorde was ...

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So Mr Jones, you are big and I mean big!

Tom Jones 02

I boarded a flight to LA a few months ago and was working in First Class when I was notified by the ground staff at Heathrow that I was expecting a huge celebrity to board my flight and join me ...

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Emma Watson watching herself in a movie!

Celebrity spotting

I was on a flight back from New York when I met Emma Watson as one of my First Class passengers. On first impression I was struck on how dainty and pretty she was and how eloquently she spoke. She ...

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Her face towel got caught in her braces!


I was travelling to The Bahamas in business class a few years ago when I was greeted at the door of the aircraft by a haggle of body guards and The Duchess of York in tow with her two daughters, ...

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