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A Day in the life

Jackie – easyJet

a day in the life - easyJet

It is 10pm on a Saturday night and I am at a friend’s party. I am declining any alcohol beverages as I know I have to get up early at 0400 to operate the first flight out of London Gatwick ...

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Jenny – Virgin Atlantic

a day in the life - Virgin

When I received my letter of acceptance for Virgin cabin crew I was over whelmed with excitement. I shortly received my uniform fitting and was ready to collect my wings (once I had passed my course). I was posted on long haul out of London Gatwick.

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Kim – British Airways

a day in the life - BA

I arrive in plenty of time at London Heathrow, my chosen airport base. First up is the crew briefing. I work for a big airline so don’t always know the colleagues I’m assigned with. It’s a nice surprise though to see someone I've enjoyed working with in the past.

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