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Stobart Air Cabin Crew Requirements & Information

Stobart Air was founded in March 2014 as an Irish regional airline with it’s headquarters in Dublin. It operates scheduled services under the brands Aer Lingus Regional and Flybe. Stobart Air has operating bases out of Cork and Dublin and for Aer Lingus Regional out of London-Southern and the Isle of Man for Flybe.

The airline successfully operates into 32 regional routes with up to 860 weekly flights between the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. With new aircraft and showing strong yields for many of their routes they estimated carrying around 1.80 million passengers in 2016.

To be Cabin Crew, Stobart Air requires you to have:

  • A valid EU passport The right to live and work in the EU without restriction
  • Excellent communication skills with a clear speaking voice
  • Immaculate grooming and presentation Willing to operate a shift roster
  • No visible tattoos or body piercing without exception
  • Must be domiciled within 60mins. of Southend Airport
  • Height between 5’2” (1.57m) and 6’2” (1.88m)
  • Comfortable to tread water and must be able to swim 25 metres unaided
  • Ability to pull a fully laden trolley weighing up to 50kgs
  • Ability to lift a weight of up to 12kgs

Crew Comment

“Stobart Air are so friendly and helpful, if you have any issues it’s no problem what so ever. We do get free flights which I am really excited about. Mainly a benefit for me is getting to work with the same crew but also different crew in other bases. The passengers are so friendly and we not pushed to sell, unlike my ex airline I worked for, so it’s a less stressful working environment”
New entrant Cabin Crew Polly

Stobart Air Cabin Crew Salary

The typical Stobart Air Cabin Crew salary starts at around £13,499, however this will be more depending on how much you fly and stopovers.

Stobart Air Crew Bases

Stobart Air’s UK based is London Southend Airport

Stobart Air Company Facts

Mark Anzur, CEO

As well as having 2 x ATR 72-500 & 2 x ATR 42-300 aircraft they have invested in excess of 200 million euros to modernising the product enhancing 13 brand new ATR 72-600 series aircraft since 2013..

Updated 5/2017

About Kim Osborn

Kim is an ex British Airways cabin crew member employed for 28 years as an on board manager. She left BA at the beginning of 2013 having experienced a lifestyle of both long and short haul flying. She has developed and coached numerous cabin crew, whilst on board the aircraft, throughout her flying career

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